Jane Katra, Ph.D.
Spiritual Healing and Soul Growth
Jane Katra, Ph.D. ~ 2006

Spiritual healers usually don’t study a particular healing method. Instead, they spontaneously discover their ability to be an instrument of a higher healing power, often after praying for their own or someone else’s healing, or after undergoing a dramatic near-death experience. Other spiritual healers were health care practitioners who suddenly discovered that their hands and the body of their patient were starting to feel warm and tingling as they were examining the patient, or doing massage, or performing some other healing technique for which they were trained, such as chiropractic medicine.

Spiritual healers are certain that they are the conduit and not the source of the healing energy that flows through them, and is sensed as vibrations and radiating heat by themselves and their patients. They experience their healing gift as a “calling,” and believe that the energy they transmit is intelligent and loving, and directs itself to the patient’s body and energy fields as needed. Spiritual healers are able to direct bioenergy to various parts of a patient’s body, but they also have the more rare ability to “transmit” “carrier waves” of healing information (love) to a room full of people, or over the phone.

These healers feel that the vibrations experienced by patients or congregants in a healing service actually retune or “purify” energy fields by reopening blockages in the flow of life energy. Spiritual healing transforms consciousness and heals the body by infusing the being of a patient with life energy, and dissolving blockages to its free flowing that have accumulated due to injury, trauma, fear, and resentment. Patients directly experience their natural “innocent” state of being an effulgent intelligent radiating field of loving awareness interacting with others’ fields. This is called “waking up to your true nature,” and “soul growth,” which promotes evolution of consciousness for all conscious beings. Many spiritual traditions teach that when the physical body dies, the intelligent awareness of a person continues to exist and evolve as what is known as a soul. The soul endures, taking with itself the level of evolved consciousness that was developed during the life of the individual.


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