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Jane Katra, Ph.D.
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The answer to 'Who am I?' is your life.” ~ J. Krishnamurti


Spiritual Healing
A Western Mystical Tradition of Consciousness Transformation

Spiritual healing is a transmission of radiant vibrations of love from the dynamic Source of all life energy which promotes evolution of consciousness. The healing emanations are manifested through a form of surrendered attention of the healer, in which she makes herself available as an instrument of the energetic intelligent Presence. Jane also merges her consciousness with participants, which enables them to experience their ever-present connection to the life stream Power, as well as to each other. Participants in healing sessions realize their natural capacity for transmitting life energy, and report feelings of having their vibration raised, energy channels opened, and their minds awakened to the pure perception of the inner light of consciousness.

A healer acts as a conduit for the attention of participants, and redirects that focus onto the Source of vibrating life energy, which promotes an outpouring of transformative emanations that radiate outward to all. A person attending these sessions need not have faith or believe anything. Being receptive is all that is required, and a healer is able to help participants to relax and experience the transforming power of the primal life current.

In fact, we are all spiritual healers waiting to discover ourselves! Join us for an evening in which all will have the opportunity to experience transforming emanations vibrating through them, to discover how their intention and attention affects the flow of these vibrations, and to learn to facilitate and deepen their natural gifts for being a healer. In these sessions, many people experience spontaneous pain release and healings from mental and physical ailments, as well as energetically transforming heart-openings.

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Wisdom Teachings, Psychic Abilities & Consciousness Transformation

Who are we? Enlightened masters declare that humans are far more than physical bodies or mere bundles of mental survival strategies. Participants in this workshop will discover this themselves while directly experiencing states of awareness described by wisdom teachers throughout history that transform our perceptions of who we are. The instructor will impart consciousness transformation skills useful for contemporary healing practice by incorporating:
1) Principles and techniques of remote viewing (a form of controlled clairvoyance).
2) Aspects of western mystical traditions encompassing psychic healing, energy healing, and Enneagram
3) Insights of physicists and Asian wisdom teachers whose philosophies have anticipated changes in consciousness that are now beginning to emerge into Western culture.

Dr. Katra will guide participants as they engage in exercises and experiences geared towards psychic and spiritual development. Her intention is for students to:
a) Develop basic concepts and techniques of remote viewing (RV), which is a skill capitalizing on an innate psychic ability first described by 4th C. BC Indian Yoga master Patanjali, and developed by the US Government as a psychic intelligence tool for use during the Cold War.
b) Experience illumination, expanded consciousness, and palpable energetic vibrations and heat pulsating throughout their bodies.
c) Improve their natural abilities to sense and influence energetic fields and heart chakra openings.
d) Foster health-promoting changes in mood, physical systems, and biofields in themselves and others.

One third of the class involves practicing researched and validated intuitive RV techniques. Two thirds of the workshop includes skills development and information, direct experience of altered states, and discussion of mystic teachings from Sufism, Yoga, Christianity, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, about skillful attention, transforming ego to essence, psychic abilities, and conscious evolution. Dr. Katra offers participants the direct experience of “Waking Up,” promoting evolutionary transformative changes in their perceptions, bodies and biofields. In addition, they will apply core wisdom teachings concerning conscious participation in their evolution of consciousness, which naturally develops psychic and healing abilities.

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Radical Healing: The Direct Experience of Awakening
to the Truth of Who You Are

Eventually, in a particular lifetime, in the midst of deep pain or illness, usually, a person begins to search for a way out of the suffering. “Surely there is more to life than this! Surely there is some ultimate truth that I can rely on, that would give real meaning to my life! I want to be free of my pain, and everything that does not really matter. I want to find God, if It exists! I want Him to find me, and heal me! Maybe a spiritual healer can help me!

The mind’s goal in this incarnation is to attach itself to objects, thoughts, emotions and sensations, and then weave a story of “me.” Spiritual teachers throughout history have told us that our suffering begins with the thought that we are a separate “I,” with a body. The challenge of this mysterious and painful journey we call a lifetime is to become completely aware of our misidentification with our mind’s story, the false self, and to willingly and consciously shift our identification from that story, onto the true story of who we are. This is done by what the early Christian fathers called “resting one’s mind in God.” Where our attention is, is what we worship. Most of us worship our story – our past, our things, our fears and worries, money, even our children and partners, or our sadness at not having such people in our lives. But our first commandment is to worship God.

Spiritual teachers tell us we don’t know who we are, and that is the root of our suffering. They say no one can tell us who we are: It is not something learned, or believed. It must be directly experienced: And the experience appears to those who worship God with one’s heart and soul and mind, by surrendering the habitual activity of our minds, and aligning our intention with the will of a Higher Power. The master Jesus taught that our minds and bodies are transformed by resting our mind in God: “Be ye then transformed,” we are invited, because that is what makes human beings privileged among all the animals, and the world needs each of us to lift the consciousness of the world by participating in our own transformation.

A spiritual healer assists a person asking for help, to have a direct experience of their connection to God, and to all other living beings. This realization that we are not separate, is the living truth of who we are, available to ordinary people, right here, right now. A healer does not do the healing. She is used as an extension of God’s love, and lifts people into a higher vibration, or higher consciousness, in communion with the silent healing peace of God long enough for the emanations of spiritual love to be directly experienced as physically vibrating energy, transforming the mind and body, as promised by Jesus.

All adults are welcome. You don’t have to be sick to get better! I welcome you home to the living truth of your being, alive in you, right now.

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Radical Forgiveness and Transformation

The path of wisdom is one of self-selection and individual initiative. Though all of us are called to align our will with the evolutionary urge to participate in our own transformation of consciousness, it is usually suffering that creates the readiness. People seek a spiritual healer for termination of illness and pain, but they actually receive an awakening initiation into an awareness of unity consciousness with the Infinite.

Habitual mind patterns of anger, resentment, grief, worry and past trauma create blocks to the free flowing movement of transformative spiritual energy through the body. A Course in Miracles teaches that forgiveness is undoing the decision to blame. It is a conscious choice that we make, to stop letting something that happened in the past, claim our attention in the present moment, because it impedes the flow of life-promoting energy through our bodies and mind. Thus, forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves, when we know who we are.

We are all natural transducers and transmitters of spiritual healing energy, which is called love. I have appeared in your life at this time, to assist you in dissolving blocks in your awareness to this truth. I invite you to directly experience your radiant self in this spiritual healing workshop. I welcome you home, here.

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Experiences in Mind-To-Mind Communications, Remote Viewing, Healing, and What They Imply About Who We Are

Thirty years ago, Dr. Jane Katra received instructions about being a spiritual healer in a near-death experience, and in 2003 she began receiving communications from her recently deceased step-daughter. These experiences have launched her on a quest to understand mind-to-mind communications, which involve not only knowing who has telephoned you, but also the possibility of being attuned to and transformed by a greater transpersonal field of Infinite Mind. Remote Viewing is one natural psychic ability that allows us to describe distant places or objects hidden from view. Learning to attune and stabilize our attention, with intention, allows us to become receivers and transmitters of not only such psychic information, but also the healing energy of consciousness, which has been called love.

This workshop combines Theory, Experience, and Fun, as we practice separating the psychic remote viewing signals from the mental noise of memory, imagination and analysis. In addition, Dr. Katra will share some of her experiences as a healer and consciousness researcher, and offer further opportunities to participate in transformation of consciousness, which is our ultimate healing.

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