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Dr. Jane Katra holds a Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Oregon where she taught in the 1980’s. Dr. Katra has also practiced as a spiritual healer since 1974, after receiving instructions during a near‑death experience. She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women, and is the author with physicist Russell Targ of the books Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness & Spiritual Healing, and The Heart of the Mind: Using Our Mind to Transform Our Consciousness. Dr. Katra has given positive data in experiments of remote viewing and precognition; as well as of psychokinesis where she has influenced the path of photons in the double-slit experiment, the GSR and EEGs of people at a distance, and the randomness of moving dots on a computer monitor. She teaches classes in Awakening Energy Consciousness, and Experiencing Your Own Evolving Consciousness. www.janekatra.org www.espresearch.com

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. - Health Education 1993
University of Oregon, Eugene
Dissertation Title:
Enhancing Women's Decision-Making Concerning the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Pilot Study.

M.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies: Health, Nutrition, Educational Psychology 1987
University of Oregon, Eugene
Thesis Title:
Use of Learning Style Theory In a College Seminar to Reduce Eating Disorder Risk

5th Year Teaching Credential - Art Specialist 1973
University of Washington, Seattle

B.A. - Graphic Art, Ceramics 1971
Pomona College, Claremont, California

Professional Experience

Healer & Immune System Coach 1974- Present

Consciousness Researcher and Writer - Bay Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA 1994-97

Health Educator - Student Health Center, University of Oregon

Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Sexuality Issues, Alcoholism, Smoking Cessation.

Graduate Teaching Fellow & Adjunct Professor - University of Oregon 1989 - 92

Department of School and Community Health - Designed and instructed classes in Nutrition, Health Behavior Change, Eating Disorders, Psychoneuroimmunology, - to undergraduate and graduate students.

Health Educator - Nutrition, Health, and Fitness Associates, Eugene. 1984-89

Corporate, state and federal government, and community wellness programs, and individual counseling: Nutrition, Promoting Energy, Diets Don't Work, Lowering Cholesterol, Stress Management, Changing Eating Behavior, Coping with Catastrophic Illness, Moving through Grief & Loss, Breast Cancer Support, Enhancing Immunity.

Employee Health Programs - Lane County Health Advisory Committee 1988 - 90

Willamette National Forest & National Forest Service 1989

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries 1987

University of Oregon Employees Health Program 1987

Oregon State Department of Education 1985 - 89

Health Educator - Sacred Heart General Hospital, Eugene 1987

Stress Management and Nutrition for Heart Patients

Instructor - Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon 1984 - 90

Nutrition, Weight Control, Therapeutic Touch

Research Assistant to Robert Hackman, Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry

University of Oregon Department of Community Health 1983 - 85

Manager of research projects dealing with nutritional status of runners. Recruitment, motivation and compliance, data collection, endurance testing, blood assays.

Honors & Awards

University of Oregon:
Betty Foster McCue Graduate Scholarship Award 1992 - 1993
Graduate Teaching Fellowships 1985 - 87; 1989 - 1992


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Katra, Jane & Targ, Russell. Heart of the Mind: How to Experience God Without Belief. San Rafael, Calif.: New World Library, 1999.


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